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JProbe Suite

JProbe Suite: Complete Java Performance Tools Suite

JProbe Suite provides powerful performance profiling, memory debugging, code coverage and thread analysis capabilities in one conveniently integrated suite. JProbe Suite includes the following fully-integrated products:


JProbe Profiler

JProbe Profiler helps you quickly eliminate performance bottlenecks caused by inefficient algorithms in your Java code. JProbe Profiler combines a visual call graph interface and unique data collection technology to provide you with highly accurate performance diagnostics, including line-by-line results. JProbe Profiler benefits:


JProbe Debugger: Reduce Memory Consumption

JProbe Memory Debugger helps plug memory leaks and reduce the memory used by Java applications. Visualize memory usage, including memory allocation and garbage collection, in real-time with the intuitive memory usage window. JProbe Memory Debugger paints a color-coded reference graph that shows which objects are holding references to other objects at any point as your application runs and highlights potential problems for you. JProbe Memory Debugger benefits:

JProbe Coverage: Discover Untested Code


To ensure accurate test runs on your Java applications, you need to know how much of your code has been tested, and where to find any untested code. JProbe Coverage makes it easy to locate untested code and measures precisely how much code has been exercised, allowing you to accurately assess the reliability of your test runs. With easy drill-down navigation, JProbe Coverage lets you identify what's executing and where, right down to the line of source code. JProbe Coverage helps you deliver higher quality applications, at a lower cost, in a shorter period of time. JProbe Coverage benefits:

JProbe Theadalyzer: Detect Deadlocks, Stalls and Race Conditions


For developers working on multi-threaded applications, it is critical to ensure that different threads synchronize properly and cooperate to perform the desired task. Because of the performance and scalability benefits that threads offer, threads are especially critical in server-side Java applications. JProbe Threadalyzer monitors thread interactions and warns the user when those interactions represent a danger. JProbe Threadalyzer is a powerful thread analysis tool that identifies potentially hazardous race conditions, deadlocks and stalls in Java applications. JProbe Threadalyzer Features: