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The JClass Desktop family of Java components is designed to help developers build robust, enterprise-class interfaces quickly and cost-effectively. All JClass components are 100% Pure Java, support easy-to-use developer interfaces, are available for recent JDK version, and are supported in all popular development environments. JClass DesktopViews includes:


JClass Chart

JClass Chart is a powerful data-aware Java component that enables developers to embed sophisticated graphs and charts into applications and applets quickly and easily. Use multiple chart types in unlimited ways to present your data, and with JClass Chart's double-buffering you get professional performance with fast flicker-free graph updates. JClass Chart exposes properties for HTML configuration and gives you smart axes for easy coding.

JClass Chart supports a vast array of data sources including files, sockets, real-time feeds and even shares data with JClass LiveTable. With its MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture, JClass Chart makes it easy to bring data in from any source. Use the pre-built data sources included with JClass Chart to read in data from memory, a file, a URL or any arbitrary InputStream.

JClass Chart supports interactivity through interactions like panning, zooming, rotating and picking. It's easy to enable or disable these actions for your users and you have the flexibility to bind to any mouse button and modifier key combination. With JClass Chart's map and pick functions you can enable applications to provide feedback when the user clicks the mouse anywhere on a graph. Transpose, drill down, edit and scale with any chart type to give your users the ultimate in interactive capabilities.


JClass Chart3D

JClass Chart3D is a powerful 3D Java charting component. Create informative and eye-catching 3D charts and scatter plots from your data. JClass Chart 3D automatically performs all rotation, scaling, annotation, and perspective calculations.

With JClass Chart 3D, your charts are live and interactive. Using the map and pick routines, you can easily build user feedback into an application. JClass Chart 3D lets your users rotate a chart on a specified axis, simply by dragging with the mouse.


JClass LiveTable

JClass LiveTable allows developers to build data-driven tables and forms with rich user interaction, quickly and easily. With more than 70 properties, hundreds of methods, and dozens of events, JClass LiveTable helps you build professional user interfaces easily and quickly for even the most demanding Java applications.

With JClass LiveTable, your tables can be populated with data from a file, an XML-based data source, a URL via HTTP, a relational database via JDBC, supplied programmatically or entered by an end user. Specify cell values as regular text strings or as any arbitrary Java object. It's even easy to use real-time data with a custom data source that notifies the table whenever new data is available.

JClass LiveTable supports huge virtual tables (up to 2 billion x 2 billion cells) and uses a unique queued scrolling system that allows real-time scrolling with smooth repainting. Fast cell-level redraw provides maximum efficiency.


JClass Field

JClass Field is a set of data-aware components that provide data input and validation for a range of popular data types. Multiple field input types, edit and display masks give you the flexibility you need for even the most complex applications.

JClass Field makes it easy to validate strings entered in a text field, or chosen using spin and combo fields. JClass Field supports validation of floating point values in text and spin fields and can validate date and time values in text and spin fields.

JClass Field provides full support for locale-specific date and time, calendar pop-ups, pick-lists, spin and combo-boxes. JClass Field includes a calendar control, which lets your users easily select valid dates. JClass Field integrates seamlessly with JClass LiveTable.


JClass Elements

JClass Elements is the essential collection of GUI extensions and enhancements to the core Swing toolkit. JClass Elements includes:


JClass HiGrid

JClass HiGrid can manage, display and update hierarchical data, and is the ideal interface for database applications. HiGrid lets you manage, display and update hierarchical data in one easy-to-use component. Unlike most data-bound grids, which can only display records from one table at a time, JClass HiGrid lets you present your users with a multi-level, hierarchically organized dynamic grid display.

Creating a hierarchical data-bound GUI is as simple as specifying your queries and joins! Choose the detail to be displayed at any given level, and JClass HiGrid's advanced multi-level display makes more information visible to the user. JClass HiGrid is capable of binding to any JDBC database or in-memory object and can display dynamic hierarchical data structures in array or unbound mode.

JClass HiGrid's built-in customizer enables complete configuration of data selection and display, all without any programming. The customizer automatically generates all SQL statements needed to access data. Plus, you can modify a grid's appearance by changing its fonts, border, styles and colors. With powerful cell editors and renderers you get complete control over input and display.


JClass PageLayout

Use JClass PageLayout to easily add printing and reporting functionality to your Java applications. JClass PageLayout provides sophisticated and easy-to-use APIs for adding text, images, and tables to any document. Output directly to the Java AWT Printer, Acrobat PDF, HTML, PostScript Level 2, or PCL 5. Customize almost every aspect of your report styles and print output for professional results.

Use JClass PageLayout to develop complex layouts quickly and easily that incorporate columns, frames, multiple fonts and styles, automatic page numbering, headers and footers, and sophisticated tables. Versatile text formatting is made easy with font maps, text alignment, paragraph and line spacing, indenting and tab controls. Easily add color to pages, frames and text, as well as diagrams using the convenient line-drawing and shape library.

JClass PageLayout also lets you create sophisticated tables using built-in support for JClass LiveTable, JTable and JDBC tables. For powerful charting and graphing capabilities, you can integrate JClass Chart as an object in your JClass PageLayout reports.