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XRT is a family of Unix/Linux Motif widgets, the most complete and versatile set of Motif interface components available. Save the time and effort involved in creating components from scratch. Built by Motif experts for Motif experts, XRT products are flexible and easy to use. XRT is widely used in fields such as business, science, engineering and medicine. Thousands of applications have been built with XRT by Motif developers in many countries.

The complete family of XRT products is available in the Professional Development Suite (PDS). Products are also available separately. The XRT family includes:

Extension of Object-Oriented Motif

Based on the open object-oriented architecture used by the Xt Intrinsics and OSF/Motif, XRT fits seamlessly into your X Window development environment. XRT supports development using ANSI C, K&R C, and C++.


Graphs and tables do not just display data. End-users can manipulate data interactively using rotating, zooming, drag & drop functions and feedback routines. You can create real interactive interfaces with XRT.

PostScript Output

XRT widgets output Encapsulated PostScript (EPSF). XRT widgets include sample source code to demonstrate printing, making it easy add printing support in your applications.

Demo Programs

Many demo programs and sample program are provided, in binary and source code format.

License and Runtime Fees

No royalty or runtime fees are required for applications created using XRT widgets. XRT is available as a single or network license. The single license can be used on one development machine as identified by its CPUID. A network license can be used on multiple machines which are connected to a licensed server, which is identified by its CPUID. All machines using the XRT network license must be of the same architecture and be located in the same building.

Combining XRT Widgets

XRT widgets can be used on their own or together. Some demo programs are provided which show how XRT widgets can be used together.


Integration with GUI Builders

XRT widgets can be used with popular Motif GUI builders such as UIM/X, Builder Xcessory, X-Designer, Visual WorkShop and TeleUSE.

System Requirements

All XRT products are compatible with Motif versions 1.2, 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2, and X11R5 or X11R6 Servers. Each XRT product requires 15-90MB disk space. XRT PDS requires 70-230MB disk space.