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Release Notes Japanese English
Getting Started Guide Japanese English
XRT/graph manual Japanese English
XRT/3d manual Japanese English
XRT/table manual Japanese English
XRT/field manual Japanese English
XRT/gear manual Japanese English
XRT/gauge manual Japanese English
XRT MVC manual Japanese English
XRT/printformatter manual English
All documentation Japanese English


XRT PDS 2.3 is the latest and recommended release of XRT. XRT PDS 2.3 includes XRT/graph 4.3, XRT/3d 3.3, XRT/table 3.3, XRT/field 2.3, XRT/gear 3.3, XRT/gauge 1.3 and XRT/pageformatter 2.3. Documentation is available from the table above.

Architecture Operating System Download
Intel X86 Linux 64-bit  32-bit
Intel X86 Solaris 7+ 64-bit  32-bit
Sun SPARC Solaris 7+ 64-bit  32-bit
Intel Itanium Linux 64-bit
Intel Itanium HP-UX 11.22+ 64-bit  32-bit
HP PA-RISC HP-UX 11.22+ 64-bit  32-bit
HP Alpha Tru64 Unix 4+ 64-bit
IBM RS/6000 AIX 5+ 64-bit  32-bit
SGI IRIX 6.5+ 64-bit  32-bit

XRT PDS 2.2J (CD17J)

XRT PDS 2.2J includes XRT/graph 4.2, XRT/3d 3.2, XRT/table 3.2, XRT/field 2.2, XRT/gear 3.2, XRT/gauge 1.2 and XRT/pageformatter 2.2. Documentation is available from the table above.

Architectures Download
SPARC Solaris 7+
HP 9000 HP-UX 10+
IBM RS/6000 AIX 4.3+
32-bit  64-bit

XRT Sample Programs

Product Additional Sample Program

Gantt chart - sample program.

Panner demo - showing the ability to move and resize a panner to define the region of magnification.

Multiaxis demo - showing how to create a plot with multiple x and y axes.

Graphics demo - that uses command line arguments to generate graph images for use on the web.

Histogram demo - that uses a data conversion routine to represent a histogram. This allows bar charts to be shown with a continuous or time axis.


Translations demo - that uses translations and actions to perform interactive rotation, and to allow control of how the graph is previewed during interactive rotation, zooming or translation.


Track cursor demo - showing how to change the mouse cursor in an XRT/table.

Mouse popup demo - showing how to make a popup window appear in response to a mouse click.


DateSpin demo - provides date selection. Month names and days of the week are from the locale. Japanese is supported.

Calendar demo - provides date selection from days in a month. On Linux, month names and days of the week are displayed in English.


Outliner demo - demonstrating how to change Outliner icons.